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What People are Saying: 

“Haven’t missed a Single Dose”

This is a lifesaver! I haven’t missed a single dose since downloading whereas I used to take my meds super sporadically (not good!)
Casper Gemar

“I Want to Cry at How Much It Means to Me”

The new “drug interactions” - the fact that it will take all your meds in account and alert you to possible issues, let me tell you, I want to cry at how much it means to me. If my pharmacy can’t alert me to issues (because I have four doctors and no one checks and the pharmacy can’t spare the time to look) thankfully I have the Medisafe Te
Erika Wilkinson

“Saved My Life”

Medisafe saved my life. I take 13 different medications at 5 times a day intervals. My Doctor is linked in with me and knows exactly how I'm doing even down to mood and pain level. It's the next best thing since sliced bread.
Denise Brents Jordan

“Pointed out a Serious Reaction”

This is the best med tracker tool I’ve ever used! It even may have saved my life when it pointed out a serious reaction between some of my meds that neither my doctor or the pharmacist mentioned.
Krystal Kolling