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Makeba’s Story
When Makeba’s son was rushed to the ER, doctors raced to find the problem. Diagnosis: Crohn’s Disease. Here’s how this busy mother of 4 stays on top of it all.

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With Medisafe you're part of a community as you and your caregivers manage your treatment journey. Take a look at the reviews below and see what others say about how Medisafe is helping with their conditions.

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Medisafe Saved My Mom’s Life Last Week


After my mom had a stroke last year, she was forgetting to take her meds on time, and sometimes not at all. We set up the Medisafe app on her phone, not only to remind her to take them, but also to alert us if she missed a dose.

This app saved my mom’s life last week- literally. Unfortunately, it was a perfect storm that day, as far as all three of her alert contacts being out of touch. My sister was in airplanes, traveling all day, my aunt was on a cruise, I was out of the country for work- and none of us had our phones turned on. Long story, short, when I finally turned my phone on, and saw that Mom had missed doses of her meds, I was able to call from Amsterdam and get the police and EMS to go to her house. They found her stuck in the bathroom, unable to stand, and though she WAS wearing her Medical Alert necklace, she had had another stroke, and was completely unaware that anything was wrong, so she never pushed the button to get help.

If I hadn’t been alerted that she had missed several doses of her meds, she very well may have sat there for a good part of another day. I highly recommend the Medisafe app, and will be forever grateful that it ultimately saved Mom’s life. — Amy S.

Saved My Life


Medisafe saved my life. I take 13 different medications at 5 times a day intervals. My Doctor is linked in with me and knows exactly how I’m doing even down to mood and pain level. It’s the next best thing since sliced bread. — Denise J.

Such a great reminder


Although I am a nurse, I am dreadful at remembering to take tablets myself! This is a great tool and I wouldn’t be without it! — App Store reviewer



My daughter is a nurse and she flipped out when I added her to my app. She immediately set her mother in law up with the app. She is battling cancer and has a seriously complex regimen of medications! You folks are wizards!!! — App Store reviewer


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