Why We Are Here: The Medisafe Story

It was a sunny Friday afternoon. My father was playing his accordion in the garden. My father is diabetic, and our family has lived this condition with him on a daily basis for nearly 20 years.On that afternoon, my father suddenly felt unwell, and forgot if he already injected his insulin. He asked me if I saw him inject his insulin, and I responded ‘no’. While I meant “no, I didn’t see you,” he misunderstood this to mean, ‘no, you didn’t inject your insulin today’, and went into the house to inject his second dose of insulin that day. He had an insulin overdose – a scary sight. After giving him lots of glucose, he recovered.

Today, He is doing great.
We have a family joke about that Friday afternoon being our sweetest ever, but jokes aside, it was a terrifying experience. At that moment, my brother and I decided we were going to do something to help our father manage his health and medications better. We created Medisafe.
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@MedisafeApp is on a #mission!

Our mission is to make Medisafe the app that helps you stay on top of your health and medications.
Your health companion. But far more than a pill
organizer (although it’s that, too), Medisafe makes
it easy for you and your loved ones to keep track
of your medication schedule, no matter how complicated. “Did I take that medication already?” becomes a thing of the past with our enabling
digital technology.

We want you to feel your support system is always with you. Medisafe connects you to your family (and soon, your doctors) for support, encouragement and expertise. There’s more: custom notifications for appointments and refills, medication updates, and discount cards. Medisafe also tracks your progress correlated with measurements like blood pressure and glucose levels to show the direct health benefit of taking your meds as prescribed.
My father and my family use Medisafe to make sure he is staying on track to be his healthiest. No more misunderstandings. Medisafe already brings peace of mind to more than 2 million people who use it – as well as the people who care about them.
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To Your Healthiest,
Omri Shor
Medisafe’s CEO


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