“Where would I be without Medisafe”

Jason’s story on HIV, Drug Interactions and how keeping up with his meds changed his life:

Before I was diagnosed with HIV when I was 19, I’d only taken aspirin. I hadn’t come out to most of my family, and I was dealing alone with my HIV diagnosis, and with a big pile of pills. Things were not going well, I missed a lot of meds. My doctor suggested I use Medisafe to help me stay on top of my meds.

Now it’s two years later, and it’s hard for me to believe looking back, where I was then, and where I am now. Medisafe helped me to take all my meds, my virus levels went down to ‘undetectable’, and today I’m participating in a clinical trial which lets me take only one pill a day.

But that’s not the whole story. Medisafe’s drug interaction checker came to my rescue not long ago: when I started taking a prescribed psych med, I started feeling dizzy. Medisafe’s drug interaction feature warned me of a “moderate” interaction between my HIV med and the psych med. When I went to my doctor with the information, it turned out that the interaction causes not only severe dizziness but also possibly liver failure (and actually I had begun to exhibit pre-liver failure symptoms). As a result, my med was changed. And this is a “moderate” interaction!

Today I tell people I love who take meds about Medisafe – my grandparents are using it and are big fans. I think spreading the word about the importance of keeping up with meds (and how easy it can be!) and of using the drug interaction feature is really important, and possibly even life-saving. In a couple of years, I’ll graduate from nursing school, and I know I have a tool that will help my patients to keep up with their meds and stay healthy, just like me.


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