Welcome to Medisafe Premium

Welcome to Medisafe Premium!

Thank you for updating to the Premium version of Medisafe, the world’s #1 Pill Reminder and Medication Management tool. In addition to award-winning basic free app, here are the upgrades you have received as a premium user:

Unlimited Medfriends

Now you can invite an unlimited number of friends, family, or caregivers to help you keep track of your medications.
When you invite them as a Medfriend, they will get a text message on their phone if you skip any of your doses. They’ll be encouraged to check in with you to help make sure you’re on track. Here’s how to add them.

Unlimited Family Profiles

This is one of our most popular features, as you can now add an unlimited number of family or friends into your account and manage their doses from the app as well. For example parents can monitor all their children’s medications, doctors, appointments and more all in one place. You can even add pet medications and appointments!
Here’s how.

Chose From Three Home Screen Styles

Now you can make your Medisafe home screen appear like your pillbox, with round and square versions for your home screen. You can also keep the default “Timeline View” which is all your meds in a list based on when their next dosage is due. Here’s how to change your Home Screen Style: Tap “More” at the bottom of the screen >> Then tap “Settings” >> “General Settings” >> Home Screen Style.

Chose From Eight Theme Colors

Now you can tap on your profile name at the top of the screen and tap “Edit Profile” to selects from one of eight color themes: amber, turquoise, blue, light blue, pink, green, teal, and indigo.

Medisafe Premium Themes

Premium users can select from one of eight theme colors.

Unlimited Measurements

As a complete

Medisafe Premium users can add up to 25 measurements.

medication management tool, you can add an unlimited number of 25 different measurements, including blood pressure, pulse, Mood, CD4% A1C, blood glucose, and HDL and LDL cholesterol. Simply tap “More” at the bottom of the app screen, then “Measurements.”
Here’s a full list:
HDL Cholesterol
LDL Cholesterol
Body Fat
Calories Consumed
Calories Expended
Daily Steps
A1C (Diabetes)
Expressed as a percentage
Blood Glucose Expressed in mg/dl
CD4 cell count
HIV Viral Load
Bowel Movement Level
Mood Level
Peak Flow
Pain Level
Blood Pressure


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