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"It is a great reminder for everything: take medicine, refill, appointments, tells you about the most of the medicines you are taking and it tells you if there is a reaction to anything with most medicines that you are taking. You can track your weight & other symptoms and attach a buddy system to help you remember to take your medicine. Love it."
- App review from Jennifer M., Oct 2022

Med & Refill Reminders

Our award-winning app helps you stay on track with all your weight loss medications, and others.

Drug Interaction Warnings

Get warned when a combination of medications may cause complications to review with your health care providers.

Family Scheduling & Tracking

Track all your loved one’s weight loss and other medications, measurements and appointments in one place - know when they miss a dose!

Doctor Communication

Easily send your weight loss medication reports to your health care providers prior to an appointment.

Measurement Trackers

Track dozens of measurements including those for weight loss and share them with providers.

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Dosage scheduling. Time-of-day scheduling. Adjustments. Avoid skipping.

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Makeba's Story

Eight Different Prescriptions

"He was given eight different prescriptions upon release from the hospital and it was very overwhelming to me. So I came across Medisafe and it was the best thing that could ever have happened because I don’t know how I would have managed."

Makeba and Son | Medisafers Since 2017

Jessica's Story

The One That Worked Best

"I was put on 8 different medications and couldn’t keep track of all that. I downloaded a few applications and the one that worked best was Medisafe."

Jessica | Medisafer Since 2015

David's Story

Two Dozen Meds a Day

David takes 26 different medications each day to help to manage his epilepsy. See how he uses Medisafe to stay in control and live his life.

David | Medisafer Since 2015

Emily's Story

"Professional Patient"

See how Medisafe helps Emily, a 22-year-old self-described "professional patient" take control of her Lyme disease.

Emily | Medisafer Since 2017

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Why We Do What We Do

In 2012, brothers Omri and Rotem Shor faced a family health emergency. Due to a miscommunication about his medication schedule, their father, a diabetic, accidentally took an extra dose of insulin. It was a mistake which put his life in grave danger.

Combining their entrepreneurial skills, the brothers created Medisafe to help patients like their father manage complex prescription schedules, and to provide information and promote collaboration throughout the healthcare industry.


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