We Listened: Exciting New Features in Medisafe

Our team has been working on exciting new features, here are some highlights:
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Diary is your personal space to organize thoughts and important information regarding your health. It’s where you can jot down days that your meds have kicked in or days that you simply felt extremely good. It’s the place to enter your emergency contacts, vaccination history and even allergies. In other words, it’s all about YOU.
Measure your Pain
“How much pain are you in?” is a question doctors often ask. We’re making it easier for you to answer that: “Pain” is a new Measurement. It has a scale from “no pain” to “unbearable” so you can better describe to others how you’re feeling. Try it out, we hope it makes things easier.

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Drug Interaction
As we’ve said before, we strongly believe that knowledge is power. You deserve to know all about the meds you take. That’s what led us to create a drug interaction card in your feed. It’s where you’ll find all the information you need and deserve to know about the meds you’re taking. Say goodbye to questions like “How does this med help me?” now you have all the relevant information at your fingertips .
In Case You Missed: Manage all of your Measurements
Besides Measuring your pain, check out the other vitals you can track with Medisafe like your glucose levels, blood pressure, temperature and more. Android users can have their Google Fit information automatically synced to Medisafe, just as iPhone users can select to sync their info from the Health app.

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