Video: 10 Ways to Get the Most out of Medisafe

A big welcome to those of you joining Medisafe for the first time. We’ve put together a quick video to walk you through 10 of the basic ways to get the most out of Medisafe! Any questions, we’re always here for you at [email protected].

  1. How to Add Your First Med
  2. How to Change Your Dose
  3. Change Color and Shape of How Your Med Appears
  4. How to Change Frequency and Time od Day of Dose
  5. How Reports Work
  6. How to Add a Child, Family Member or Dependent
  7. See Your Drug-to-Drug Interactions
  8. How to Add Measurements
  9. Add a Diary Entry – No More Paper Med Journals!
  10. Complete Your Profile – Always optional but the only way to get your data if you lose or upgrade your phone!

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