This Year I'm Taking Control Of My Health. But How?

Last week we rounded up some helpful tips from our team on how to stick to your New Year’s resolution. Yael, our iOS developer suggested to “Define the important and less important things in your life and focus your energies accordingly.” This week we want to talk about one of the most important items on your priority list: Your Health.
Taking care of your health is a big resolution to take on, especially because it sound like such a general statement. We thought to simplify it by breaking it down to 4, actionable components: Prevent, Care, Track and Congratulate. By striving to achieve them all (or even some) you will be taking giant steps towards a healthier you.

  1. Prevent

Our body is like any other appliance; If you don’t care for it regularly, bigger issues can come up. Upkeeping a healthy lifestyle has a great and long lasting effect on your health. Here are 3 known but nevertheless important ways to take care of  your body:
Vitamins can be taken as supplements or as part of the food you eat. Research concludes that aside from clear medical needs such as B12 for the elderly and Folic Acid for pregnant women- it is better to include in your diet foods that contain the necessary vitamins and minerals rather than taking the supplements. Here’s a short article with information about which vitamins to take and which to skip. You can also check out this one
Stay in shape
So many articles have been written about how important it is to stay in shape and how it prevents various illnesses. Some people have the time to really spare an hour every day or week to do some yoga or go out for a run. If you think you’re too busy to fit that into your schedule but you’re determined to fit exercise into your New Year’s Resolution, we gathered three 15-minute exercises for you to squeeze into your lunch breaks, right when you wake up or before you go to bed:

thigh slimmingmen workout
Beginner Yoga Course:

  • Care

If you have a condition that needs taking care of, take 5 minutes to create the care system you need to make sure you stay on top of things.
Have it all set up and in order
If you have medications that need to be taken, set reminders for them in your Medisafe app right away. Our recommendation: To keep you from falling back to bad habits and forgetting your meds, set a refill reminder at the same time.

For Android tutorial, click here.
Knowledge is Power
We at Medisafe strongly believe that learning about your condition is one of the best ways to guarantee that the keys to your health stay in your hands. In your Medisafe app under “Updates”, we provide you with important health information regarding your medications, as well as health tips and videos.
Include Friends
We keep improving our Medfriend feature to make sure you stay connected to your close ones so you can remind each other in case of a missed medication. In addition Haim, Medisafe’s data scientist, had a great tip on how to keep up overall health: “Find someone with the same goal, and try to achieve it together. Two (or more) makes everything more enjoyable and much easier.” Haim’s got it right. Making up similar goals with your friends will encourage you to stick to them. Hold a contest, set times to meet up- whatever it takes to make sure you both advance together.

  1. Track

Document your progress so you can see the difference in your health and how far you’ve come. It will give you extra encouragement after that long run or sugarless day. It’s easy to track your weight loss, glucose levels or any other vitals with Medisafe Measurements.
Medisafe suggests: Exciting New Features in Medisafe

  1. Congratulate Yourself

As Rotem, our CTO and co-founder, suggested last week, we need to celebrate the small achievements on the way. Know when to give yourself that much deserved pat on the back. If you need help, you can easily email yourself a Medisafe status report- that should give you that awesome feeling you deserve. If you did extremely well- pin it to your door or onto your refrigerator so you can break out with a smile and be proud of yourself every time you see it.

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