Thanks Medisafe – You Literally Saved My Sanity & My Life!

We’re humbled to receive this 5-star review that we wanted to share. We thank all Medisafers for letting us be a small part of their journey and sharing their experiences with others.

Here’s the review:

Medisafe's Med Cabinet Screen can help in an emergency.

Medisafe’s Med Cabinet Screen can help in an emergency – show to a caregiver if you’re ever asked what meds you take.

I was recently diagnosed with fibromyalgia after 4-5 years of excruciating pain…even worse, my family did not realize my pain and complications were as serious as they were…now I’m unemployed with fibromyalgia and on top of managing the ever-changing medication management merengue associated with bipolar depression, i have another health issue with more meds management.

I have taken 2-7 different pills with different instructions, different times and frequency for optimal benefit. I can’t get out of bed for work or get out of bed for days and ALWAYS remember to take my meds on time exactly right every day.

I get so depressed about the responsibility of being superhuman when managing my health & wellness treatments especially when my human body isn’t functioning optimally. Being sick is already difficult enough, I sleep on the first-floor couch because going up & downstairs to my room very difficult.

I am 29 years old. For 10 years, i have constantly tried and constantly failed at managing my health difficulties… How does the world expect human beings to manage a serious illness without serious assistance?

Well thankfully because of the genius of the Medisafe app I can easily manage and schedule all my medicines, doctors, appointments and health fluctuations in one place!

This app has drastically changed my faith that I can be happy! I use to think my life could not be successful because of my many ailments. I now believe it is possible to be happy, successful and live the life I want.

The app manages all the hard stuff to remember when you are having the worst day with your health condition(s). Medisafe lets you be a human being that needs help. Thank you Medisafe for saving my sanity!


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