Thank you for the peace of mind

Cesar Martins’ story on caretaking for an ill family member, and saying goodbye to spreadsheets.

When my mother in law became ill, it was a shock. Since then, my wife and I have been with her through everything – the cancer diagnosis, two rounds of chemotherapy, two bouts of pneumonia….and a very big list of medications.

My wife is her mother’s primary caretaker, and after the diagnosis and first surgery, we were sent home with such a long list of pills – different types, different doses, to be taken at different hours of the day – it was literally unmanageable.  I started building a spreadsheet but threw up my hands in frustration.

Like a lot of other people, I thought to myself, “there must be an app for that.”   Searching on the app store I downloaded the app with the best reviews – Medisafe.

Medisafe has been absolutely amazing for us.  The way that each pill is visualized differently makes it easy for my mother in law to identify what she needs to take and when, and she has to take pills 6-8 times every day.  The “as needed meds” feature is also very important, because certain meds, like morphine and GERD meds, are taken on an as needed basis, but we have to keep track of them to make sure she doesn’t go over the allotted limit of drugs per day.  We also keep track of blood pressure, saturation and glucose levels, and share with the doctors to track how she’s doing.

Medisafe has made caring for my mother in law possible for us.  It has also allowed us to not put our lives completely on hold.  My wife is now travelling abroad for business and she keeps track of all our pill-taking adventures real time. I really believe that if it were not for Medisafe, she wouldn’t have been able to go on such a trip with such peace of mind. Keeping track of her mother’s medication with Medisafe is giving us both the peace of mind of knowing that she’s getting the care she needs.  I can’t express how thankful we all are to have found Medisafe.


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