SURVEY RESULTS: Medisafers and Coronavirus

Medisafe, the leading digital therapeutics company for medication management with over 6 million users worldwide, asked members how they are coping with coronavirus, from changes to their lifestyles to how they keep informed.
Two-thirds say they are “very concerned” or “extremely concerned” about the coronavirus, and as a result, one in five say they are ordering more medications online.

Other findings:

  • 92% of those who responded say they are practicing social distancing, with 90% saying they wash their hands more often
  • 68% said they are sheltering in place
  • 21% said they have started ordering extra refills of their medications
  • 35% say they are getting their primary information from official government sources.

Many expressed their hope that those suffering with mental health issues would have ways of staying healthy.
“I’m mostly concerned about my mental health with being isolated so much,” one respondent said.

But another respondent pointed out that adding a Medfriend on Medisafe so that others know she is staying on track has been an immense help.
“My mental health isn’t great right now, so knowing that you’ll tell my Medfriend if I haven’t taken them is great.”

In addition, a surprising 7.5% of those in their 30s say they haven’t changed anything about their lifestyles due to coronavirus.

While those ages 19 and under said that social media is by far their primary source of information – at 44% – most respondents said that official government sites are their first stop for information, slightly edging out online news sites and television news sources. Not surprisingly that changes for those ages 70 and older, as 52% say television news becomes their primary source, as compared to only 11% for those in their 20s.

As far as what else Medisafe can do to help, 36% of respondents asked for continuous updated information in the app from trusted sources. Among the responses:

  • “I would like up-to-date fact checked information on the coronavirus in regards to symptoms for all ages and what to do other than self-isolation if someone in our family has tested positive.”
  • “Provide real and truthful information.’
  • “Updates about my meds in relation to coronavirus”

Almost the same amount of respondents told us to “keep doing what you are doing” and expressed thanks for reaching out for responses.

  • “I’m good. Just knowing that you are out there is a good feeling.”
  • “Having the Medisafe app is even more helpful now, as during stress people probably forget things when they’re stressed.’
  • “Keep doing what you do to keep reminding me to take my medicines. You’re doing a great job keeping me safe.”

Others offered new suggestions, such as having ability to add reminders to wash hands and periodically take one’s temperature, among others that are being reviewed by the product team.

Our survey was taken from March 24-26, and we will be updating the results periodically.


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