How To Successfully Manage Diabetes with Medisafe

“I turned to my smartphone to improve my blood glucose control and to prevent me from missing medication in the future. A quick search revealed Medisafe, and I have now been using the app for over a year. In that time, I haven’t missed a single medication. My blood glucose control tightened, reducing my unpleasant symptoms and helping me to feel better in the mornings. Since then, I have moved on to an insulin pump, and Medisafe reminds me to change my cannula and IV tubing set regularly. I now have several Medisafe reminders a day to remind me to take tablets and to monitor my insulin pump.”
In his Medisafe story, Daniel, who is a doctor, and also a type1 diabetic, describes how he uses Medisafe to help him control his blood glucose. He is not alone; infact, diabetes is amongst the top 10 conditions that people use Medisafe for, to help them manage their meds.

With that in mind, and in honor of Diabetes Awareness Month, here is a short and quick guide to highlight some of the key features that you can find in Medisafe to help you manage your condition. (For your convenience, you can also read this post tailored especially for Android users, and for iPhone users, with exact steps on how to make the most of each feature).

  1. The pill organizer

With our pill organizer you can set reminder times for your Metformin, Insulin or any other medication you take. Your doses will appear in a beautifully designed virtual pillbox, so thoughts like “Did I take this pill already?” will disappear.
The pill organizer

  1. Add Dose when needed

For those times when you suddenly get hungry and have an unplanned, spontaneous meal, you can simply add an extra dose of Insulin.
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  1. Track your Glucose

Track your glucose levels with Medisafe’s Measurements. Android users can insert their information into Medisafe, and iPhone users can select to sync their info from the Health app. Once you’ve done that, you will immediately see a visual graph of your measurements. To better track your health, and compare the graph to your medication intake.

  1. Share progress with your doctors

Female Consultant Meeting With Male Patient
Doctors should provide you with the best treatment possible. To do that, they need to know if the treatment they assigned to you is effective. With Medisafe, you can instantly send a status report to your doctors email. The report includes your required dosages, along with your measurements (like glucose levels) and medicine intake. You can even add personal notes to each pill you take describing how you felt that day or anything else you think the doctor should know.

  1. Diary

Diary is your personal space to organize your thoughts and important information regarding your health.
You can keep track of your:

  • daily food intake
  • exercise activity
  • stress levels
  • and more!
  1. Tips, Recommendations, and Drug Interaction

android faq2
Take a look at “Updates” to learn about your drug interaction and to get more information about your condition. For example, you can learn about the latest health tips, see instructional videos, and learn more about the medications you are taking.  It’s also where you’ll get your refill reminder when you are running out of pills.
If you have diabetes, Medisafe can help. Thousands of our users with diabetes manage their condition through the app every day.



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