Join In Supporting IBD Day 2016

As the world’s leading medication management platform now in 18 languages, we’re joining millions of others on World IBD Day today in support of those living with Inflammatory Bowel Disease, a condition that afflicts more than 5 million people worldwide.

IBD —  and it’s most common forms, Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis  —

  • Occurs in people of all ages
  • Is more frequently diagnosed before age 30
  • Is found mainly in developed countries
  • Is more common in urban areas
  • Affects men and women equally.

We’ve released a new version of Medisafe today with special IBD content and links, as well as new measurements tracking for bowel activity. Just click this link to install the custom World IBD Day version or send to someone you know would benefit.

 In addition to raising awareness, we will be joining hands with ABCD, Brazil’s leading non-profit focused on finding a cure to IBD and improving patients’ lives. World IBD Day (known in Brazil as “Dia Mundial da Doença Inflamatória Intestinal”), is run in 35 countries on four continents: Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, 28 European countries, Israel, Japan, New Zealand and the United States. IBD Day 2016

«We must alert people that these diseases exist and that there are also new forms of treatment which are getting good results. This is why the partnership with Medisafe is extremely significant, because the application is an important way to inform people so they can get an early diagnosis, take their medications properly and avoid relapses, helping patients lead a normal life,» said Marta Brenner Machado, president of the ABCD and a gastroenterologist.

Users with IBD have an average of 80% adherence to their regimen when they use Medisafe. We found one of our most meaningful user stories on Medisafe comes from Makeba, a mother who turned to Medisafe to help manage her son’s newly diagnosed Crohn’s disease.
Watch as she shares her story:

In honor of World IBD Day, you can download Medisafe here for free and get special features that promote IBD awareness, including:

  • A purple colored Medisafe Pillbox for IBD awareness
  • Information about ABCD and our work together
  • Content in our Updates feed providing information about ABCD, education on IBD, and helpful resources for people living with Crohn’s and ulcerative colitis

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Help us in spreading the word and raise awareness on this important day. For more information please visit:

Medisafe IBD Day Custom App Download

Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation of America

Crohn’s and Colitis UK

Healing Well Crohn’s Forum

ABCD, Brazil (Portuguese)

World IBD Day

Know someone living with IBD or Crohn’s? Please download and share this link to our custom Medisafe app version filled with IBD measurements, updates and featuring the special IBD World Day purple color. Free download here.


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