Using Medisafe To Prevent Zika Virus Infection

zika-app-screenThe current Zika virus epidemic has infected thousands of people in Brazil. The World Health Organization declared the Zika virus outbreak to be an international public health emergency and the Brazilian Ministry of Health indicates that the number of confirmed cases of microcephaly has reached 508 since October.

In mid-February, the Brazilian government deployed 200,000 soldiers to disseminate information on how to prevent against Zika virus and mosquito bites.

There is currently no vaccine or treatment against infection caused by Zika virus. People are being warned to protect against mosquitoes by applying repellent and to stay away from areas with mosquitos.

Medisafe has added several hundreds of mosquito repellents to the app to help people remember to apply frequently and to stay protected against mosquito bites. By setting reminder notifications to re-apply repellent, people can protect themselves against mosquito bites and Zika virus infection.

Download Medisafe for free to help prevent mosquito bites. You can find more information on the Brazil Medisafe page here.

Medisafe has also added content to the app’s Updates feed to educate people about the signs and symptoms of Zika virus infection. This content is automatically available on the app when someone adds a mosquito repellent.

Stay safe and remember to take proper precautions when traveling to areas with Zika virus.




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