Three Americans That Will Influence Your Health for the Better

In modern times, we are inspired to keep up with healthier lifestyles for ourselves. In celebration of 4th of July, we’ve created a quick list of three Americans using their influence to inspire and push us to pursue a healthier version of ourselves on a daily basis. Check it out below.

Michelle Obama  maxresdefault
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Not only is Michelle Obama the First Lady, but many consider her to be the health and fitness guru of the United States of America. With initiatives such as “Let’s Move” to raise a healthier generation of kids, the #GimmeFive hashtag inviting us to join in on her fitness-oriented lifestyle, and fun integrative ways to appeal to younger generations, the First Lady knows how to spread the health.

With nearly 5.1 million followers and counting on Instagram and recently opening her very own snapchat account, it looks like the possibilities are endless for Mrs. Obama to continue spreading her passion for health and fitness.
Check her out: @MichelleObama on Instagram and Snapchat
Angelina Jolie
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Since 2012, Angelina has been the Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, where she advocates for humanitarian causes on the basis of her notability. Beyond her involvement in humanitarian causes across the globe, Angelina Jolie serves as a greater inspiration due to her difficult decision to undergo a double mastectomy  after discovering that she is at high risk of developing breast cancer.
Through her tough times, Jolie proved that she is a strong woman who will not let her condition bring her down. She demonstrates the importance of preventive health and how to overcome difficulties.
Arianna Huffington
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Featured on Ted Talks and multiple articles, Arianna Huffington inspires us to strive for success, and better sleeping habits. “One of the immediate ways we can see the impact of sleep deprivation is by what happens to our mood.” Sparking the Sleep Revolution, Mrs. Huffington illustrated that Americans tend to indulge in their lack of sleep, ultimately affecting our health, our job performance, our relationships and our happiness.
Mrs. Huffington sets the standard for sleep for millions of people across the country, moving people everywhere to prioritize resting. Her bubbly personality and passion for sleep and its importance reminds us that sleep is not only for the weak, it is for all.

Check her out: @AriannaHuff on Twitter and Instagram
Who’s inspiring healthy living in your community? Let us know in the comments below!
Happy and healthy 4th of July!


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