Invite a Friend- Save a Life: Medfriend Research

When Omri and Rotem founded Medisafe, they knew family (and friend) support was key to helping patients manage their medications and  health. Their personal story inspired them to create the “Medfriend” feature, to make sure the caregiver will be notified if you miss a dose.

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When user stories started coming in, it emphasized the importance of Medfriends. Our user Lane wrote: “I have also gotten my mother to use the app. We have become Medfriends so we can keep track of each other’s medication regimen. It really helps to have that extra support, especially when dealing with such an important aspect of life.»
Studies have concluded that family and social support can raise a patient’s compliance. Being that our Medfriend feature was just that, a social support network,  we decided to conduct a study and check if adding a Medfriend has a positive impact on medication compliance. The results are incredible, and there’s no better time to reveal them than on National Caregivers Month.

In the study, we analyzed data of non-adherent Medisafe users, meaning their medication compliance was below 80% . We examined data of these users two weeks before adding a Medfriend and then for two weeks after adding the Medfriend. We discovered that:

  • 71% of users improved their medication compliance after adding a Medfriend
  • 40% of the users shifted from being non-adherent to adherent after adding a Medfriend (their compliance rose above 80%)
  • The group showed an averaged 17% improvement in their med intake since adding a Medfriend

Seeing how much Medfriend benefits our users is an affirmation of our founders’ vision, and we look forward to continue supporting you — users and caregivers.  

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