Now More than Ever: Add a Medfriend

Now with force social distancing, and limited visitations, keeping track that your loved one is taking their meds can be difficult. It can also be life-saving.

Here’s how Medisafe helps: Become Medfriends.

It’s easy to add a Medfriend — a family member, friend or caregiver that syncs your app to theirs. In case they forget to take your medications (after several alerts from Medisafe), we will send push notifications to your Medfriend, suggesting they remind you to take your meds.

Below is how to invite a Medfriend — if you have any questions, we’re here at [email protected] to we’ll help you out. 

But first, here’s how using Medfriends saved one mother’s life:

After my mom had a stroke last year, she was forgetting to take her meds on time, and sometimes not at all. We set up the Medisafe app on her phone, not only to remind her to take them, but also to alert us if she missed a dose.

This app saved my mom’s life last week- literally. Unfortunately, it was a perfect storm that day, as far as all three of her alert contacts being out of touch. My sister was in airplanes, traveling all day, my aunt was on a cruise, I was out of the country for work- and none of us had our phones turned on. Long story, short, when I finally turned my phone on, and saw that Mom had missed doses of her meds, I was able to call from Amsterdam and get the police and EMS to go to her house. They found her stuck in the bathroom, unable to stand, and though she WAS wearing her Medical Alert necklace, she had had another stroke, and was completely unaware that anything was wrong, so she never pushed the button to get help.

If I hadn’t been alerted that she had missed several doses of her meds, she very well may have sat there for a good part of another day. I highly recommend the Medisafe app, and will be forever grateful that it ultimately saved Mom’s life.  — Amy Sharpe via Facebook

P.S. Here’s a study showing that adding a Medfriend has proven results.


Do you have any questions? email us at [email protected] to be able to assist you.


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