Our New Branding

You may have noticed that we have a new logo and a clean, new look. We have been planning and working hard on this new design, making sure it aligns with our mission and vision: we’re here to make sure you feel in control of your health, and that no medications keep you from going on with your day or enjoying time with your family.

We strive to be that “there-when-you-need-it” stress reliever. We’re also here for your loved ones, to calm them and assure them of your well-being.
Our mission is implemented in an easy-to-use app that does everything to make sure that the keys to your health stay in your hands.
Medisafe will remind you to take all your medication on whatever schedule your doctor recommends. We provide instant support by connecting you, our user, to your family, friends, caregivers and physicians, so you can get encouragement any time you need it. Your loved ones are always here for you, we’re just helping tighten the circle and bring them closer.
On our newly designed website you can see our mission, together with the story that led two brothers to start Medisafe. You will also find Users who share their own Medisafe story, how it led them to a calmer, stress-free life. There’s also an option there for you to share your Medisafe story, we would love to hear from you.
Lastly, there is our new blog. It’s where we share new app features, health tips, user stories and more. We started it to further support you, our user, and we would love to hear what you think of it.
We hope you enjoy the new style and functionalities. And as always, happy to hear your feedback: [email protected].
To Your Health,
The Medisafe Team


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