Money And Meds — 5 Easy Tips To Manage Your Meds And Minimize Your Costs

If Medicine is part of your day to day life, life can get pretty expensive, so we came up with a list of 5 easy ways to lower your costs on meds:

 1. Be open with your doctor

Opening up to your doctor may not be the easiest conversation to have, but it can be helpful if you’re struggling with med costs. Studies show that 1 out of every 5 patients don’t even pick up or order their med from the pharmacy. Be sure your doctor wants to change those numbers and will try to help you in any way possible.
2. Its all in the name
According to the U.S. food and drug administration, costs of generic drugs is on average 80-85% lower than brand-named meds, so when a doctor prescribes you a medication, ask him if there are any other generic drugs you can take instead of a brand-named product. In addition, doctors will be pleased to see your involvement in your health condition, and you should be proud of yourself too!
Medisafe tip: If your want to be an All-Star med researcher, you can also check your insurer’s formulary (that’s the list of meds your insurance covers for you). You may find that although two drugs keep you healthy in the same way — there can be a vast price difference between the two, so make sure you go for the cheaper one!
3. Cut costs with discount cards
Check out online websites, like GoodRx, which provide discount on your prescription drug costs! It takes no time and zero effort, so why not?
4. Knock ‘em off
Sometimes we go to the doctor after a medication s/he prescribed to us didn’t make us feel better. In this case, some doctors will add another one, two or even three medications to see if those do the trick. Ask your doctor if you can get rid of those meds that didn’t seem to work. Don’t make this decision alone, for sometimes it takes more than one drug to take care of your condition. Again, showing involvement will make all the difference.
5. Half your pill to half your costs
Some pills we take can also be found in double dosages — and at the same price! For example, instead of spending money on a 20 mg pill, we can spend that same amount of money on a doubly-dosed 40 mg pill and split it! With this simple tip you can half your costs for each drug you buy. Be aware that it isn’t safe to split many pill so be sure to ask your doctor or pharmacist if your medication is pill-splitting-safe.
As always, we welcome your feedback, and can be reached at [email protected].
To Your Health,
The Medisafe Team


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