Medisafe Weekend Mode: Sleep In!

Exciting news for your weekend life on Medisafe: Set up special weekend hours for your notifications so you can sleep in and relax! This new feature came from users who wanted to sleep in on weekends and not get those early morning wake-up notifications!
What Weekend Mode Does: You set the earliest hour to start receiving notifications on your weekend days of choice. So for example if you usually get 7 a.m. notification, you can decide to move that same notification to start no earlier that 10 a.m. on any days — such as Saturdays and/or Sundays. Then notifications will return to normal times on all other days.
Here’s How: Tap on Settings >> General Settings >> Weekend Mode >> Check box for the Days >> and Check for the hour you want your notifications to start.


1. On the Settings Screen tap General Settings at the top:


2. Tap Weekend Mode:


3. Tap Checkbox to turn on Weekend Reminder Mode and tap to set your Days and Hours


4. Set your Days and the first hour of the day you want your notifications to start!


5. Sleep in!


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