Medisafe and Omnicell Team Up to Better Your Health

As part of our mission to provide a complete medication management solution for our users, Medisafe and Omnicell, a leading provider of medication and supply management solutions to health care systems, have decided to join forces. The partnership will offer a simple and effective way to assure that more people are taking their medications at the right time and in the right dose.
Research studies have shown both products can dramatically better your health. Recently we revealed incredible study results that show significant adherence improvements by Medisafe users with the three most costly chronic diseases in the U.S: diabetes, hypertension and hyperlipidemia. Similarly, Omnicell’s SureMed multimed blister packaging has been shown to boost adherence rates from 61% to 97%.
Now, Medisafe users who are also Omnicell patients have a unified mobile experience that revolves around the SureMed blister card, conveniently filled by the patient’s pharmacist.
Medisafe’s mission is to make sure you have the tools, support and information you need to take your meds the ways you’re supposed to. This is one giant step in that direction.
Learn more about this partnership here.


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