Learn How Bill Improved His Compliance From 50% to 99%

Our user Bill shares his Medisafe story:
I’ve had problems with my health for decades, from Seizures to Asthma & Pneumonia to over 15 surgical procedures.
Most of which have led me to rely on medications before, during and in some cases for years after the original situation has passed.
Having experienced several years of trying to remember what medication I needed to take when, I discovered Medisafe!
Medisafe has taken the guesswork out of IF I had taken the correct medication at the right time, allowing me the Freedom to pursue life knowing that I won’t miss a dose or with some medications, keeping me from taking an extra dose from my not remembering that I have already taken it.
Keeping me «on track» with my meds, has helped me bring my compliance from near 50% to near 99%!

Thanks to the gang at Medisafe, I now know when to take what all day long!!
I have recommended Medisafe to both friends and family so they can gain the peace of mind that Medisafe has given me!

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