iPhone Users, We Just Made Your Life Easier!

Our new beautifully designed reminders will help you manage your medications so you can move on with your day.

Our New “Take all” Option
The first exciting feature is one that many of our users requested, and we listened! When a reminder pops up, you can now tap on a single button that will mark all of your “same time” medications as taken. So beginning today you will be able to mark all of your 8:00 AM meds as taken, without having to separately check each one off. Not ready to take them yet? Just hit the snooze button to push them off to a better time.
Swipe to Take
Interested in marking a single med as taken? Just swipe it to the right. Not ready to take it yet? Swipe it to the left and push it off.
Leave a Note
You can now easily add notes to your meds and they will be added to your status report. Notes would be the place to leave a comment about each dose; Why you skipped it or doubled its dosage.
Edit Every Intake
Diabetic? This one’s especially for you! You can now change the quantity or dosage of each individual intake! Track your numbers through the status report, You can send it to your doctor too!
(Click here to easily learn how to send a status report)
We Organized your Day
Tap on “Morning” in the Pillbox screen to find all of your “morning meds” listed and organized by the hours they are scheduled for. Here you can choose to take them ahead of time or reschedule them for a better time. Same goes when tapping on “afternoon”, “evening” or “night”.
Choose Your Snooze
And one final feature, you can now choose how long you would like to snooze your meds for.
Looking to download Medisafe today? Click here and get all your meds organized in one place.
Have questions? Don’t hesitate to send us an email: [email protected].
P.S. Android Users, we are thinking of you you too. We are working on these features for our Android solution, which will be available soon. Stay tuned!


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