[INFOGRAPHIC:] Health is Now in the Hands of 3M People Worldwide

Medisafe began four years ago, when two brothers decided to create a solution for their diabetic father to help him manage his medications and health. Today, we are at 3 million downloads around the world. To highlight our achievements, here are some fun facts about Medisafe that make us unique around the world:

Medisafe began four years ago, Infographic
No matter where you are in the world, home is still home and family will always be family. Features such as adding a dependent and a Medfriend emphasize what an important role family and community have in taking care of your health. Medisafe is dedicated to improving your and your families lives, no matter where you live.
We look forward to continue providing all of you with the best tools and support to keep up with your health goals. We would also love to hear your thoughts of what we can do to help you achieve them. You can always email us or simply comment on this post, and we promise to respond.
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