Are We Home Yet? Meet Medisafe’s Exciting New Feature for Android

You’re out shopping, or just ran out for 20 minutes to pick up some groceries for tonight’s dinner. Just then, Your Medisafe reminder sounds off letting you know it’s time to take your meds. You reach into your purse- and then you realize , you left them at home. What do you do?
You can always tap “Snooze” and get another reminder some minutes later, but you don’t really know how long the line at the cash register is or how long it will take you until you reach your meds.
So with you in mind, our developers worked on a solution that will relieve your worries: Introducing “Snooze till home” (or alternatively, “Snooze till office”).

How does it work? Tell your Medisafe app where you live, and receive a reminder when you arrive back home or to where you left your meds. No more forgetting, no more worries. We already received great feedback regarding the new feature, test it out and let us know what you think.
*Please note this feature is only available for devices running operating system 6.0 or higher.

We listened: Switch between “scheduled” and “As needed” medications
You can now change the status of your medication depending on whether you need reminders or not. For example, if you used to take a medication on an as needed basis and you now need to start taking it on a regular basis, simply edit your med, turn reminders on and set your schedule.

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