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Our Amazing User, Grace, Shares Her Story
As an individual diagnosed with a Mental illness, you quickly learn that it is a hard thing to internalize, talk about and get help for. Doctors often struggle to suggest treatments as they don’t really know how you’re feeling, and honestly, it’s hard to describe the feelings in a way that a Medical professional can help.

I was diagnosed with depression 5 years ago, and it’s been a long hard 5 years. Depression has affected my job and family life. In fact, many people in my life still have the attitude of ‘pull yourself together’, as though Depression is that easy to fix! And the stigma attached to Depression makes it hard for many of us to talk about it — like were still living in the dark ages!
Ultimately there’s only so much a doctor can do. So, I thought to myself there must be something I can do to help myself! A few months back, I had a look through some self-help apps on my smartphone and stumbled across Medisafe. To my surprise, the app really worked! I normally never rate apps or review them, but this app has truly helped me.
Medisafe has helped me remember to take my daily medications on time, so my mood is stable. The app has self-help articles you can read to help you, and it even reminds you if you have doctor’s appointments (and so much more).
Medisafe has helped me beyond belief, which is why I’ve been recommending it to everyone I know. Plus, as a healthcare professional, I’ve been recommending it to my patients who have also said what an amazing app Medisafe is.
I’m so glad I found this app and urge anyone taking medicines whatever they are for to use this app. Medisafe has changed my life!


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