Denise, an Amazing Caregiver and Army Veteran, Shares Her Medisafe Story

I would like to share with you my story. I am the full time care giver to both my parents age 78. Both mom and dad have had strokes which have affected moms vision and both of their memories . Both require full time assistance and both take numerous pills every day several times a day. My father recently had part of his larynx removed due to cancer which left him unable to swallow and has a G-tube inserted directly into his stomach.
I myself have numerous health issues, being a 16 year Army Veteran, I too require several medications. In addition, all three of us have our own team of doctors in different locations. Using Medisafe has truly been an amazing load off my shoulders. I am able to input all three of us separately with our own meds, dosage, and times to be taken with reminders. In just a couple key punches and I can send any of the doctors reports on how often these meds were taken , which were missed and which were late. What I really like is when I take my folks to the doctor and doc wants to know what meds they are currently taking including dosages and I have everything right here in one convenient place… My phone. All the different doctors have asked me what app I am using because I am always so organized. I am also able to keep all our doctors appointments in the same place and again with reminders! Doctors phone numbers.. Everything! I am also able to keep track of my measurements such as weight and cholesterol.

Now to get back to the meds, I even use this for my fathers feeding times as he needs to be fed five times a day through his G-tube. Trust me with all this other stuff going on, I forget what times he needs to have his feedings, so I created a «med» called «tube feeding». Now I can set the times up with reminders and he never misses a feeding. I have to also say the refill feature is a very helpful reminder… Not always do I pay attention to how many cans he has left, so to be reminded when he has 24 cans left has saved us several times from running out!

Taking care of my two elderly parents and myself is definitely a full time job but with my personal assistant (Medisafe) I know I will never miss a med, feeding or even a doctor appointment. I cannot say enough good stuff about this app.. Oh wait, one more thing.. The customer service! Wow what an amazing group of people! Simply said I feel like they are part of my family.. If I have a bug or just don’t know how to input something, I fire off an email and have a response that day or first thing in the morning! Now why do I say she is like family? Because every time I have sent an email I am talking to the same person — Lauri this is for you- kudos to you and thank you so much for your caring attitude and knowledge- Medisafe is blessed to have you working for them!!

So, needless to say I am extremely happy with this app and if for some reason I cannot care for my folks I feel safe knowing all this info is safe right here for my brother to take over. I end my story with the happiness of sharing my praise in hopes that you too will find this app a wonderful personal assistant! Be safe and healthy!


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