Amy, TBI Survivor, Shares Her Medisafe Story

Amy, an inspiring TBI survivor, shares her Medisafe story:
In 1997 I suffered a severe traumatic brain injury (TBI) when I fell out of a third story window.  Smartphones weren’t even a thought at that time so in order to compensate for my now diminished short term memory due to the brain damage I sustained, my life was now controlled by post it notes.  I had post-it notes to remind me to do everything from turn off the stove to take my medication.
In 2003 I gave birth to twin boys and in 2006 to another boy who was disabled.  As if my short term memory problems weren’t bad enough from my TBI, I now added three kids to the mix, one being special needs.  Now I would forget to write the post-it notes that reminded me what not to forget to do.  I take three kinds of medication because of my TBI, one of the medications I need to take twice a day.  I wasn’t just forgetting to take them but a lot of times, I couldn’t remember if I had already taken them that day.  So I either risked taking too much by taking them again or not taking them at all because I thought I had already taken my meds for that day.
When iPhones were invented my life seemed to get easier as new apps were invented that helped me manage our family calendar but I was still struggling with remembering to take my medication.  This year I stumbled upon Medsafe and it has helped me immensely.  I have put the medications I need to take in my Medisafe pillbox along with the times I need to take them and now two times a day Dr. Evil, from the Austin Powers movies, tells me to take my medication. Not only is it a great tool but being able to choose a funny character to alert me when it is time to take my medication brings a smile to my face.  I have recommended it to so many other TBI survivors including many of veterans who are returning from war with traumatic brain injuries.
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