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Generally when Medisafe receives a heartwarming email or shoutout on social media, we contact the person and ask them to write their Medisafe story (Want to send yours? click here). We recently received an incredible review on the app store, and couldn’t trace back to the wonderful woman who shared her Medisafe story in such honest and ecstatic form. We chose to share it here since it’s a great example of how Medisafe supports families throughout the day, and makes managing everyone’s meds much easier:
«I currently have 26 daily medications to keep track of with constant changes in dosages as well as medications being substituted, added, & subtracted.
Before my daughter introduced this app to me, keeping track of what I was to take & when was taking up over an hour of every day of my life which was RIDICULOUS to say the least! With Medisafe, once I spent the time entering the med info, the app even helped me figure out how to take my meds in the fewest # of times during the day!! Having an alarm to remind me to take my meds is another HUGE BONUS as now I don’t have to think about med at all during the day… Medisafe does it for me!» (wittsend, 02/23/2016)
This is our mission: Free you from worrying about your medications and allow you to live your life.

«When I have to talk to my pharmacist (and yes I am on a first name basis with everyone in my pharmacy), I have the Rx # easily available. Medisafe has really thought of the consumer & what options would most aid us…»
We view physicians, pharmacists and other healthcare providers as key partners to help people stick to their prescriptions (We recently launched Medisafe Providers). With Medisafe, all of your health information is organized in one place (your list of medications, measurements, doctor’s info and more), so doctor and pharmacy visits become more efficient and effective.

«One final example that I just started using and is brilliant is the refill option by pills esp. for meds that I don’t use daily, or days for my triplicate pain meds that I have to call for the prescription 5 days before I can pick them up to have them filled. Miscalculate that and you’re in a WORLD OF HURT! It used to be a constant worry that I have once again turned over to Medisafe!»
We know that running a household can get overwhelming, and it’s easy to forget that your medications had run out. No more. When entering a medication, enter the number of pills you have left, and we will be sure to send you a refill reminder in time, before they run out.
«Medisafe has also given my husband peace of mind as he’s informed if I’ve missed a «dose» of meds. I know that he’s much more relaxed about my medication. Now, we only need to go over my pillbox every few weeks or if there have been any major changes. Our whole family is «Medisafed» as we are all «buddies» & are informed if anyone has missed a dose. Even our Labrador, Bea, who is on Prozac twice a day for her OCD is on Medisafe!»

As we’ve mentioned before, research shows that if you share your prescription information with at least one other person, it improves adherence rates. That is why we view so much importance in our Medfriend feature, and our own research has shown that it really works; Medisafe users who add Medfriends have a significant lift in their medication intake. Talk about the power of friendship.
Medisafe suggests: Invite a Friend, Save a Life: Medfriend Research
When we say that Medisafe will bring your family closer together, we meant the whole family- pets included! You can add your pet as a dependent and manage their meds with ease.
“What to do with the hour+ I’m saving every day by using Medisafe? The options are endless & sure won’t include me worrying about medication… I’ve got a phenomenal app that does that for me!!!”


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