5 Ways to Get the Whole Family Excited About Nutrition Month

Believe it or not, healthy eating can be a fun and exciting culinary experience for you and your family. Like anything in life, it all depends on the approach you choose to take. March is National Nutrition Month and it’s the perfect time to promote and celebrate healthy eating in your home. Our marketing team came up with these 5 awesome ideas, try them out.

Sign a family “Nutrition Month” resolution!
Get together and take on one healthy resolution that you stick to for the whole month. “No fast food for one month” is one idea, or how about “including fruits and vegetables at every meal”- the options are endless. Just remember that it should be a team effort, everyone has to help each other out so you all reach the finish line.

Add a “surprise secret salad” to your dinner table
Add a fun and interesting vegetable salad to your dinner table! This is also a great chance to  introduce your family to new or exotic vegetables and combos. Need help? Here are 50 simple salad recipes, that should keep you from running out of ideas. If your family is into competitions, have them rate each salad from 1 to 10 and crown the winning salad that will get a permanent place at your dinner table.

Kids in the kitchen night
Moms and Dads- brace yourselves for this one. As we mentioned in a previous post, children love taking part in preparing their own meal, and are more excited to eat it as a result. Choose one night that you open those kitchen doors and allow your kids to help you prepare dinner. Let your kids peel vegetables, mix ingredients or set the table.
Medisafe suggests: 5 Ways To Get Your Kids To Eat Fruits And Veggies!
Teen cooking parties
We admit: Getting a teenager to give up on that fast food and hyped about homemade goods  is definitely a challenge. But getting a teenager excited about hosting a barbecue party should do the trick. Tell your teen to invite some close friends and host their very own bbq party. Not the meat type? Try chinese night, mexican food or even make your own sushi night. Hosting these small parties will surely get your teen involved in the kitchen, excited about impressing friends with awesome homemade food and just giving them that all-around good feeling of accomplishment.
Family field trips to the farm, anyone?
If you live near a farm, take your kids out on a nice Sunday to pick their own vegetables or see the cows get milked. Family adventures are always fun, and coming home to cook the produce you picked is a great experience. Taking your kid to the grocery store is also great- Include him or her in this week’s dinner plans- It will give them what to look forward too.

We want to hear your secret tip to healthy eating!

How do YOU celebrate healthy eating in your home?


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