5 Essential Apps For Seniors That Promote Mind-Body Health

For those of you, who have taken the plunge and have a smartphone, here is a list of apps that can promote mind-body health. We came up with 5, but we would love to hear of other apps that made your life easier, richer, and healthier.

Challenge yourself with Lumosity
Evidence shows that mental stimulation is one of six actions any of us can take to prevent Alzheimer’s and keep your brain healthy. Lumosity will guarantee you pay attention to the most important muscle in your body and even enjoy the exercise. Created by scientists and designers, the app has a combination of different cognitive games that challenge your memory and attention with daily “training programs” for your brain. Lumosity is available on Android and iPhone.
Listen to your books with LibriVox
With LibriVox you can have access to 15,000 audiobooks and listen to books on the go. It’s perfect if you’re on the go or if reading becomes a difficult task. LibriVox is free thanks to hundreds of volunteers who record, edit and distribute the books. Available on iPhone and Android.
Manage your meds with Medisafe
Remembering to take medications is a challenge for everyone, but it doesn’t have to be: Medisafe is a free app that will help you manage your medications, set reminders to take them and create a support system by adding your family member or caregiver just in case you forget. Visits to the doctor become easier too, as you can just take out your phone and show them your list of medications and if you’ve been sticking to your regimen. Medisafe is free and available on iPhone and Android.
Expand your knowledge with TED
It’s never too late to learn something new. TED is a great way to feed your curiosity and explore new fields of knowledge. The app has over 2,000 TED talks from remarkable people, on almost any topic you could think of. It’s the perfect way to spend your time while waiting in line or for the bus. TED is free and available on iPhone or Android.
Keep in touch with Skype
Studies have shown that social support and relationships benefit physical and mental health. Distance should not be an obstacle when it comes to seeing your friends and family: With Skype, you can have face to face video calls with your grandchildren no matter where they are in the world. Skype is free and available on Android and iPhone.
If you have other recommendations, please write it in the survey below. We would be happy to highlight other apps that can make a difference in someone’s life.

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