5 Apps That Will Make Every Busy Mom’s Life Easier

As we approach Mother’s day this coming Sunday, we want to dedicate this blog post to all the incredible moms out there. Being a mom is probably the most intense job there is, especially with our busy daily schedules. Here are 5 apps that we think can make a mom’s life a bit easier, helping you manage your busy days.

Cherish all your kids artwork with Keepy. No more feeling guilty!
Keepy is putting an end to that guilty feeling after throwing away an artwork your child made in kindergarten. Now you can organize and turn your kids’ artwork, schoolwork, photos, videos, and mementos into photobooks.
The best thing about Keepy is that it’s interactive: You can record your voice or a video telling the story of each memory and even share your photos and videos with grandparents (a great solution if you live far away) and loved ones. Keepy is free and available on iPhone and Android.
Stay on Budget with Mint
Mint will help you spend smarter and save more. It’s where you can easily keep an eye on all your accounts, cards and investments so you can track your spending, create a budget, receive bill reminders and more. If you’re trying to save up for a trip or buy a car, Mint will help you set financial goals to get there. Best part: Beautifully designed charts and graphs show you at a glance where you’re spending money, and you can even receive alerts for unusual account charges, making it easier to stay on top of everything. Mint is free on iPhone and Android.
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Organize everyday life and keep the whole family in the loop with Cozi
Cozi is a 3-time Mom’s Choice Award Winner. It’s focused on helping mom’s and their families manage their everyday life. The app includes a calendar in which you can easily see every family member’s schedule (color coded!) and set reminders and appointments. There’s a shopping list that every family member can contribute to- so you and your partner can create a shopping list together with your child.  It also has a great “recipe box” in which you can organize all your recipes and a family journal through which you can easily and instantly jot down or snapshot a special moment while you are on the move.
Cozi is free and available on iPhone and Android.
Manage and track your entire family’s meds with Medisafe
With family pressure on, Mothers sometimes tend to neglect the most important thing that keeps them going- their health. Medisafe is the ultimate app to help you manage your medications, vitamins and measurements. It reminds you to take all your medications on whatever schedule the doctor recommends. But it is also much, much more than a pill organizer. It provides instant support by connecting you to your family, friends, and physicians. Best part for moms: You can add dependents and manage your entire families medications and overall health in one place. Moreover, your spouse (or any other family member) can become your Medfriend and receive a reminder if you or one of the children forgets to take their meds. Medisafe is free on iPhone and Android.
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Never run out of ideas for dinner with Yummly
With Yummly you will find the recipe you need and that your kids love within minutes, using unique filters that allow you to find the perfect recipes by holiday, cuisine, taste, diet, nutrition, allergy, cook time, technique, and more. If you and your kids enjoyed the meal, you can easily add it to your recipe box. Keep your recipe box organized by grouping your favorite recipes and giving them titles like dinners, diabetic friendly, gluten free and the list goes on. No more wasting time scouring the internet for the perfect dish. Yummly is free on iPhone and Android.
We hope these easy to use apps make your day a little less hectic, and save you precious minutes in your busy day.
Happy Mother’s Day!


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