3 Apps to Enjoy Stress Free Days

In psychology, stress is a feeling of strain and pressure. According to the Statistic Brain Research Institute: “Small amounts of stress may be desired, beneficial, and even healthy. Positive stress helps improve athletic performance. It also plays a factor in motivation, adaptation, and reaction to the environment. Excessive amounts of stress, however, may lead to bodily harm. Stress can increase the risk of strokes, heart attacks, ulcers, and mental illnesses such as depression.” We at Medisafe want to ensure your health and make sure that your day stays calm and tranquil. Here are three apps that can help you manage your stress and feel in control.
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Get your day in order with Any.do:
Any.do is one of the top most used productivity apps in America. It’s a sharp, good-looking mobile to-do list manager. Every Morning you get a short review of everything you have on your table for the day. To keep your to-do list from getting overwhelming, your tasks are split between «today,» «tomorrow,» and «later”. With Any.do you can break big projects into small tasks and add a note to make sure you have all the info to complete it. Better, you can call, text, email, buy or even book your trip, all from within the app! In short, we think this is a great way to get your day in order, relieve stress and get the most out of you. Any.do is available on iOS, Android and Desktop. Did we mention it’s free?
Get your mind in order with Headspace:
Calm mind brings inner strength and (2)
Calm mind brings inner strength and self-confidence, so that’s very important for good health” We absolutely agree with the Dalai Lama on this one. Science says that 77% of Americans regularly experience physical symptoms caused by stress, So you can understand why we at Medisafe are concerned about your stress levels; It is always easier to maintain good health if you maintain a good mind. Research says that meditation for stress soothes our nervous system and helps us with stress management. When we meditate, our heart rate and respiration slow and our blood pressure drops. Headspace was created to bring those stress levels down through daily 10 minute guided meditation and mindfulness sessions. It also sends reminders for short breaks throughout the day to «come back to that quietness of mind.» Try their free 10 day trial, and see your stress levels decrease and give way for feelings of happiness and calmness.
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Get your meds in order with Medisafe:
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Medisafe reminds you to take all your medications on whatever schedule the doctor recommends. But it is also much, much more than a pill organizer. It provides instant support by connecting you to your family, friends, and physicians, so you can get advice and encouragement any time they need it. It also provides information about your condition and medication from authoritative sources, so you can stay on top of all the latest info.
Medisafe is about being on top of things and in charge of your health. No more unnecessary stress.

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