New on Android: Improved Reminder Screens

We’re excited to show off our latest Android release (8.0 and above), which brings together many suggestions from our community of users — including more information in our reminder screens and easier ways to see previous meds that were missed.
These updates were first reviewed by our beta community of testers that saw the release ahead of time. If you’d like to join the beta community, we’d love to have you! Just tap here.

New Reminder Screens on Android

You’ll see that notifications stay the same, but when you open the app to mark as taken or skip, you’ll now see it’s much easier to see details about your meds, such as whether they should be taken with food or not. We’ve also made it easier to take all at the same time – or simply tap one of the meds to see more details, such as how many pills you have left for refill.

Here’s how they look:

So What’s Changed?

Each reminder now gives you significantly more details and information on one screen to help you control your meds and manage your day. Our users found this additional information incredibly helpful with our new Timeline View (see below on how to switch from the Pillbox to the new Timeline View), so now we’re showing it even sooner with every reminder screen.
Now you’ll instantly see how many pills you have left, any special notes you have – such as to take with or without food – and a quick look at past meds you may have missed and want to take now, if it’s safe.

Here’s a closer look:

Setting the New Timeline Home Screen View for Existing Users

New Medisafe users who download the latest version (7.53 and above) will start off with Timeline View. If you’re an existing user and want to change to see this new view after updating, here’s how:

1) Tap More

2) Tap Settings

3) Tap General Settings

4) Tap Home Screen View

5) Tap Timeline View

6) All Set!

Please let us know what you think of the updates. Send us an email at [email protected] and please review us in the app stores, we read all of them!


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