Meet Jack

When Jack was 24 years old, he was diagnosed with Inflammatory Bowel Disease. As a microbiologist, and working in the pharma industry, he was still unprepared as a patient to face the mountain of medications he was prescribed. His first visit to the pharmacy was overwhelming, and he didn’t know how he could keep up with all the meds he needed to take at different times.

So Jack took the next logical step – search the app store for a solution that would help keep him on track and provide peace of mind. It’s there he found Medisafe.

“If I didn’t have Medisafe from the start, managing the medication would be extremely difficult,” he said. “Medisafe takes the medication management out of your hands and into the Medisafe hands”

Today, Jack depends on Medisafe, and the reminders he receives on his phone and Apple Watch, to make sure he’s staying on top of his meds. Having Medisafe by his side leaves Jack free to go back to work, his family and to living.

Watch Jack’s inspirational story of how he deals with his IBD and how Medisafe is helping.

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