Medisafer Profile: Kat Quits Smoking

Meet Kat! After 50 years of smoking, and several previous attempts to quit, she is back on track and doing better than ever.
Getting to Quit: Chatting with us from her home outside of Silicon Valley, Kat says she credits her 16-year-old grandson with being the motivator she really needed. After being diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at age eight and subsequently managing celiac disease, he’s doing great. Having made the most of his situation, he inspired his grandmother to make a choice to embrace a healthier life! Kat spoke with her doctor and made the decision that she wanted to quit smoking.
While being tapered (weaned) off of one of her medication Kat went looking for something to help her manage the new dosing.
How Kat Uses Medisafe: When she started taking lozenges to help with her nicotine withdrawal symptoms, Kat found it helpful to schedule a lozenge every hour on the hour. Whenever she feels that she can skip a lozenge, she just presses the skip button. This way she’s also able to keep track of the number of hours she can go between lozenges. As Kat takes anywhere from nine to twenty lozenges a day, she finds keeping track of them on her phone very helpful.
Favorite Features: One of Kat’s favorite features, in addition to the ‘Skip’ function’ is the interaction checker. After being prescribed a new med, Kat checked for interactions with all other meds currently in her pillbox. An alert popped up and she was able to tell her pharmacist and physician before she started taking the new doses. Avoiding a potentially unpleasant situation, her medical team came together and found an alternative med regimen for her.
Kat also mentioned that she is allergic to some medications and as a result her medical team is often adjusting her prescriptions and dosing. To keep everything straight, she puts all of her meds into Medisafe. She also takes a look at her reports to see her progress in quitting smoking and staying on track with her other medications.
Final Thought: “Since I have been using the Medisafe app for quitting smoking and my other medications, I am living a healthier and happier life” says Kat.


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