Medisafer Profile: Hisham

Meet Hisham, a 22 year old Medisafer from Baghdad. At the age of nine Hisham was diagnosed with a kidney disease and told that he would need to undergo a kidney transplant. Three years ago, after two years of hemodialysis, a donor was found and he was able to undergo the transplant.
Chatting with us via Instagram, Hisham says he’s been using Medisafe since day one after the transplant three years ago. He is currently studying communication and engineering and is an amateur Android developer as well as public health and human rights advocate.
His advice to those facing similar circumstances is clear: take your meds “precisely as prescribed”, stick to your diet, and exercise. Doing otherwise, Hisham says, can have “catastrophic consequences.
Favorite Features: Some of Hisham’s favorite features include being able to schedule wide ranging intervals between medications, given that his medications are not only taken daily. He also likes to keep track of all of his doctors and the medications they prescribe so he knows who to talk to about which med.  

Hisham shared a screen shot of his pillbox to show he’s taking different medications on different days.

Final Thoughts: “Thank you tremendously for all the effort you put into making the app and the fast support you offer” says Hisham.


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