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Medisafe’s mission has always been to bring you closer to those who care for you. The Medfriend feature is one of our ways to bring you closer to your loved ones, and now we are excited to present to you a new project that will bring you closer to your physicians and care team.
Our  team has worked hard on Medisafe Providers. It is a web portal designed to enable your physician, care team, and pharmacists to track your medication management between visits. How does it work? After your doctor signs up to Medisafe Providers, he or she will invite you to connect. Once you accept, your doctor will be able to follow up on your progress. They will be able to view your medications, measurements and medication intake, so they can get a better idea of how you’re doing and help if and when needed.

Providers Portal ConnectedWe believe that Medisafe Providers will make it easier for you to communicate with your doctor and share how you are feeling. You will both get a clearer picture and include the information you need to come up with a successful plan to better your health.
We need your help. Spread the word amongst your doctors and healthcare providers. Share with them how Medisafe has helped you manage your health and how Medisafe Providers can improve your doctor-patient relationship.
If you’re heading to the doctor’s office, you can print this out and hand it to them, it will explain everything they need to know. You can also send them this email if you have their address.
We would love to answer any of your or their questions, simply send us an email at [email protected] and we will get back to you.
To Your Health!

New! Sign Your Doctors Up to Medisafe Providers:
Email Now | Or Print and Hand This to Them



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