Medisafe Providers: It’s About You and Your Doctor

Medisafe recently launched Medisafe Providers, a new solution for healthcare providers to keep track of your health in between visits. They will be able to view things such as your medication adherence levels, medication lists, and your measurements.
We created Medisafe Providers with the same goal in mind as your health care providers: delivery of the best possible health care by having all of the health information they need to keep track of your treatment. It’s our job to offer providers access to relevant patient health information when and where it’s needed. We prioritize the need to make sure information is delivered in a way that helps providers make the best decisions for their patients’ health.
Through a recent survey study we conducted with TigerText, we know that 59% of doctors say that it is helps improve treatment regimens when a patient shares medication adherence with their doctor. We also know that taking meds lowers long-term medical costs, and 63% of doctors surveyed believe this as well.
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Despite this information, we found that 20% of the physicians we asked, said that they don’t monitor their patients’ medication compliance at all. With Medisafe Providers, we are making sure that your health care team has the relevant health information in order to provide you the best care.

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So how does your doctor get started with Medisafe Providers? Doctors simply go to After they’re signed up, they can connect with you through their account by sending you an email.
We’re up to the task of bringing digital health data directly to your care team, in a form they can use, rather than waiting for current practices to catch up. Patients and doctors both deserve the best channels for patient health information that will allow doctors to make the best clinical decisions for you.


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