Medisafe Featured in New Research on Wearables

Medisafe’s EVP of Marketing and Business Development Jon Michaeli recently participated in an interview series about wearable technology with Washington, DC-based research firm Clutch. He shared valuable insight about how wearables will enhance Medisafe’s goal of addressing non-adherence to prescribed medications.
In Medisafe’s interview with Clutch, Michaeli touched on the factors that motivated us to extend our mobile platform to wearables.
Significantly, he emphasized that wearables have the potential to increase patient adherence to prescribed medications in two main ways.
First, a smartwatch’s proximity to the body makes notifications and reminders difficult to ignore.
“If you need to take medication when you don’t have your phone to remind you, there needs to be another way to remember. The watch can be on your wrist 24-7. … With the watch app, we are making it even harder, virtually impossible, to skip a dose accidentally,” Michaeli said.
Second, the biometric data collected through connected devices like blood pressure cuffs or glucometers (and eventually the Apple Watch itself) helps demonstrate the tangible effects of taking a prescribed medication. Having this evidence on hand creates a call-to-action for patients and their caretakers.
“If my blood pressure goes down, it’s a sign that taking my medication is working. That’s just one context, but there are many others. As devices record additional biometric data, we will see the patient getting even more value out of Medisafe,” Michaeli said.
For more insight from Michaeli about wearables’ role in the context of healthcare, predictions about the future of wearables, and advice to other companies seeking to embrace wearables, read the full research.


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