“I can’t even list all the ways Medisafe has changed my life!”

Hannah Lesley shares her story of how Medisafe has completely turned around her life by helping her take her meds, and converted her doctor, pharmacist and many others into big fans of the app.


In 2013, when I was 15 years old, I was diagnosed with Fybromyalgia and Spondylitis, and later with heart conditions, diabetes and a bunch of other conditions. I spent two years in a wheelchair, was often depressed, and had to take dozens of pills at different times of the day.  I wasn’t keeping up with them and things were not going well.


That’s until the day I found Medisafe in a Facebook ad of all things, almost a year ago.  I had recently got out of my wheelchair but fully expected to have to go back to that life.  A month after I started using Medisafe, I went to my doctor and he was shocked at the change.  I had gone from missing 8-10 pills a week to almost none (I think I’ve missed 2 or 3 pills in the year since I started using Medisafe).


I can’t say enough about how Medisafe has changed my life, in so many ways.  Because I keep up with my meds, my symptoms have lessened, and I feel about 70% better.  I’m the social media manager at a sports bar, I take care of my animals, and I help out my mom (who is my Mediasfe “dependent”, and I help her with her heart medication).  I’m very busy, and I have many good days.


My rheumatologist – who was with me during the difficult days when I was using alarms to try to keep up with my meds – now recommends it to all his patients.  Not only that, but after a couple of months on Medisafe, I went to pick up my meds at the pharmacy.  My pharmacist, who saw what a huge change had suddenly happened with my ability to stay on my meds, asked me “What happened?”   Today he recommends Medisafe to all his customers!


My life is still complex – I have undiagnosed narcolepsy and can’t be alone at all, my sister is a big help to me.  But Medisafe makes sure I always take my meds, nomatter what kind of day I’m having, it just doesn’t let me forget.


I want to just tell the team at Medisafe what an absolutely amazing thing they have created.  It has helped me in more ways than I can say!


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