How to upgrade to Medisafe Premium

Interested in upgrading to Medisafe premium? Want to know what additional goodies you will get? Look no further – we’ve got the run down for you. Premium users receive:

    • Unlimited Medfriends: Let your family and friends help keep you on track.
    • Unlimited health measurement tracking: Track and save all your measurements in one place.
    • Unlimited dependent profiles: Manage your entire family’s medication from one account.
    • Additional customization features: Make your pill box even more personal by choosing your favorite colors, themes, and sounds.
    • Unlimited “Medtones”: Want Austin Power,Gandalf, or Dori to remind you to take your meds? Now they can, pick from 12+ reminder voices.

How to upgrade to Medisafe Premium:

Questions? Email us at [email protected] for help.


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