Holly Shares her Medisafe Story

Medisafe is Helping Connect the Pieces.
I was just a child the first time the term “hypermobile” was said to my parents. At the time, we just knew I could do some pretty neat tricks with movement and that I was prone to injury. Ibuprofen, hot pack, ACE bandages and ice were a large part of my childhood.
Fast forward twenty-five years and three big diagnoses later, and the word “connect” has a lot more meaning. I have Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, so my connective tissue doesn’t have enough collagen in it. I dislocate joints a lot and there are issues with my organs. It is very painful, so over-the-counter pain relief was replaced with two prescriptions. Then came the co-diagnosis of degenerative-disc disease and tethered cord, leading to the addition of two more prescriptions to keep daily spasms and migraines at bay. Finally, came the really bad diagnosis, the one which put my life at risk – dysautonomia. The disease attacked my heart so badly that I was at risk of death. Another drug was added, something carefully timed and still on FDA trial. Together, I had one medication to be taken once a day, another twice a day, another three times a day, and two at four times a day. Even before adding the dysautonomia drug, it was difficult to keep track of the rest and I was missing times, taking things late, and even forgetting a dose entirely. Something had to change.
A quick search on the Google Play Store led me to Medisafe. After reading reviews and testimonials, I decided to download it and I programmed in my prescriptions as well as over-the counter items, like a multi-vitamin. Looking over the times and seeing it in the circle made a schedule click in my mind. That visual allowed me to come up with a method for taking these life-saving medications and not pausing every two hours for yet another dose of something, like my old system.
Within days of the alarms (I chose wolf howls), I was noticing a difference. Keeping a constant, well-timed stream of pain medication lead to fewer breakthrough moments. Spreading the muscle relaxer out “just right” kept the spasms more at bay and definitely helped with back pain and the migraines. The best part was that it helped me make sure to get the medication for my heart in me at the perfect times during the day. I am now remembering to bring doses with me when I go out because it is becoming instinctive.
Another benefit has to do with anxiety, as I often worry about what would happen if I were in an emergency situation and could not communicate. Yes, I have the med-ID bracelet, but it doesn’t detail enough and does not state who to contact. With Medisafe, I have all of my specialists programmed in as well as upcoming appointments. If something happens, the EMTs and ER staff know who to contact no matter where I am. They can immediately see what medications I am prescribed and at what time I take them. Medisafe is the most perfect, easy to use, and completely effective app out there. With it, I am able to connect the pieces of my personal health together more and feel more secure about my well-being.
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