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Our User, David Julian, on Keeping on Top of His Health:
As if living with several medical conditions wasn’t hard enough, remembering to take all the pills needed to combat my conditions is a nightmare! For the past 46 years, I’ve had to take medication to control epilepsy, sometimes as many as 22 anti-seizure pills a day. And, as I grow older, I have collected some additional health challenges that have added to my daily pill intake.

Over the years, I’ve spent a lot of time searching through the Google Play store in the hopes of finding a better way to manage my pills. I’ve often found that many of the apps that I thought looked and sounded good turned out to not be so great. That is, until about two years ago when I found Medisafe. You see, as I was waiting with my service dog for our ride to pick us up, I was killing time searching through the Google Play Store, when I came across an app with a cool icon and catchy name: Medisafe. After reading the description and looking at the screenshots of the app, I downloaded it. I am so glad that I did!
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Over the years, I have tried other apps in the space (and I tried them all) but none of them jumped out to me as winners. At one point, I was using three apps at one time – because each app had a different utility that the other didn’t. But, for health reasons, I needed all of those features to be in one app because remembering to take medication is essential to my health. Missing even one pill or dose (which has happened) puts my life in danger. As I mentioned above, the amount of pills I take daily changes from time to time depending on how my doctors have to modify my medications to manage my health. Like a lot of people, I also take many different supplements during the day. It’s a lot! But, when Medisafe updated their app, they blew all the other apps I was using out of the water! It was then I decided that Medisafe was the app for me.
On average, I now take 32 to 40 pills (depending on rescue meds) a day, at varying times. It is essential that I find a way to help me remember to take my pills, log health information and keep track of the medications. I personally like to use Google Fit, so when Medisafe incorporated the import feature I was very happy to know that all the information that I had spent time entering into the Google fit, would not have to be re-entered into the Medisafe app. My previous method was a piece of paper, my watch alarm, and my mother texting me to make sure I took my pills. The Medfriend feature, which notifies my caregivers if I forget to take my meds, gave me real peace of mind. I would also use one, or multiple days, pill boxes, but I would regularly forget to fill them up or to even take them. You can imagine the problems that were created from that “system”.  The ability to log additional medication “as needed” in the app is an excellent option. Especially for someone like me, who takes unscheduled rescue meds and others that are only when I feel the need for them. I also really like that I can run a report right in the Medisafe app that shows me my adherence to my medications. No longer do I have to carry those big daily pill boxes with the slots for times of the day! With the Medisafe app, I can set a message to come up in the morning reminding me to take my pills with me.
Now, all I have to do is make sure I have my pills with me, and the app tells me which ones I have to take and at what time. It’s awesome! As I mentioned, I’ve been using this app for a couple of years now and find it to be an essential part of my everyday life. I continue using Medisafe because I like how it works and believe it is the best. I recommend this app to everyone that asked me what the best app is for pill management or a reminder. I’ve shared it with all of my family members, my doctor (who I share my reports with) and have even talked about it on social media groups I belong to. I truly love the app! Medisafe is constantly listening to their users and updating the app based on our feedback, which is awesome. Medisafe has improved my daily life by taking over my pill management. I cannot thank the team enough for all their dedication and hard work, and for keeping the app free.
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