Courtney's Medisafe Story

Courtney tells us how Medisafe helps her every day:
I do not remember ever being healthy; I have had one condition or another for as long as I can remember.
My first memory of ever needing an app like Medisafe is from over a decade ago, when I was on chemotherapy to treat leukemia. Obviously, this was before the wonderful invention of smartphones and apps. There was a set of medications I needed to take in the afternoon, which is not always a convenient time of day. My mom purchased (what was in my opinion) an unpleasant little pill case that had an auditory reminder for the set time. I really was not a fan of carrying it around, but I made sure to take it everywhere I was well enough to go.
Now that I am older and have a host of other medical misfortunes, including arthritis, fibromyalgia, and major spine anomalies, I rely on Medisafe far more than my old noisy pill case.
During a recent trip to the oncologist, the Nurse Practitioner was amazed when I pulled out my phone and used Medisafe to recall my list of medications and dosages. It really has made a huge impact on how I look at my health and pharmaceuticals. I never miss a dose (which is amazing!), and am never annoyed at the little reminders that pop up, regardless of what I am doing. Like many people, my phone never leaves my side, so having my reminders on it is simple and convenient.
Thank you, Medisafe! You have made my somewhat chaotic life that much easier.
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