Father's Day Special: Meet the Dad Who Inspired Medisafe

Omri and Rotem’s (Medisafe’s co-founders) father was the inspiration behind Medisafe. After he accidentally double dosed on his medications and recovered, his sons noticed that there isn’t a good existing solution that will make sure this doesn’t happen anymore. So with their father in mind, Omri and Rotem set out on a journey to create a platform that will give people the tools they need to manage their health, put their family members in peace of mind, and help their healthcare providers/insurers better serve their members.

Today, Omri and Rotem and the Medisafe team, are helping nearly 3 million users take their medications as prescribed and care for their loved ones. In honor of Father’s Day, we sat them down for some personal questions about the father that raised them and that ultimately became “the man behind Medisafe”:

Describe your father
Our father is the coolest guy we know. He too was an entrepreneur in his past; he developed an algorithm for managing agricultural lands efficiently.
Today he and our mother manage a music band that the whole family takes part in.
What are the top 3 core values and personality traits that your father instilled in you?

  1. Entrepreneurship: Our father always thinks out of the box and has endless amounts of energy and motivation to make things better, and he never gives up on the way.
  2. Hard work and determination: Laziness was never an option in our home. We all grew up with a sense that with hard work, everything is possible.
  3. Care and responsibility for everyone: Our father taught us that as people in this world we must care for everyone and anyone, regardless of who they are or where they come from. When our father asks someone “How are you today?”, he sincerely means it.

What is the most important thing you learned from your father?
Family comes first. Our father puts everyone before himself- he will go to the end of the world and back for his family and especially for his children. The importance of family and being there for each other is what we take with us as we build our own homes.

What would you like to wish to your father this Father’s day?
First and most important: Good health. Continue being the inspiration for everything we do and leading always by example. You are our role model and we love you.
To conclude this blog post, we called Omri and Rotem’s father and asked him how he feels about his sons who took upon themselves the greater challenge of helping people manage their medications. Here’s his answer:
There is no greater satisfaction. On a personal level I was touched that my sons empathized with my daily challenge of managing medications. They felt a sense of responsibility towards me and my condition and worked together with persistence and creativity to find a solution. Thanks to them and the product they developed (Medisafe) I can now manage my medications easily and efficiently and as a result my treatment is effective.
The satisfaction and pride in my children is doubled, when Omri and Rotem decided to turn our personal family story to their life mission: Helping people take control of their health. Knowing that millions of people all over the world, that constantly asked themselves every day “Did I take my meds?”, are now worry-free. They all get peace of mind like me, as my medications are also managed by Medisafe. Thank you Omri and Rotem, being your father is a true privilege. I wish good health to all Medisafe users, much success to my boys and much success to Medisafe.


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