Family Caregiving Made Easy With Medisafe

At Medisafe, we recognize the importance of family caregiving. We believe in the power of a support system and want our users to feel the same. While caregiving can be a stressful task, here are three supportive Medisafe features created to make your life as a caregiver easier.
1. Medfriend – As a family member or friend to the patient, you know the patient best. With Medisafe’s Medfriend feature, you can be there for your friend when they need you most; In case s/he forgets to take their medication, Medisafe will notify you so you can remind them to take their meds. We believe in the power of a Medfriend, and our Medfriend research proved that we have good reason to, check it out!

2. Refill reminders– Whether caring for someone who needs to take many medications, or  caring for more than one person- it’s easy to forget when it’s time to refill a medication. With Medisafe’s refill reminder, you will be reminded when you’re running low on medications and it’s time to visit the pharmacy.
3. Dependent – This is Medisafe’s ultimate feature for caregivers. Manage everyone’s medications and health from one app, by having separate “profiles” for each person you’re caring for. It will save you unnecessary confusion and stress, knowing exactly which medications belong to who, and the exact time they need to be given.

With Medisafe, you have the chance to relax more and let the app do the work. We know how tiring caregiving can be, but know how important you are. Thus, we are working everyday to update our app and features to suit your needs as a caregiver.
Have any ideas on how to make our app meet your caregiving needs? Comment below!


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