5 Questions Every Patient Should Ask Their Doctor When Prescribed A Med

We at Medisafe strongly believe that knowledge is power. You deserve to know all about the meds you take. We put together a list of 5 questions you should ask your doctor every time you are prescribed a med. Don’t worry about nagging the doctor – he/she will actually appreciate and respect you for taking responsibility of your condition! So go ahead and ask. Also when you “add a med” to your Medisafe app , be sure to insert all the information the doctor gave you into the “instructions” section.


  1. Why do I need to take this pill?
    This is definitely question #1. Understanding WHY is a top motivator to keep up with your meds.  Now you know how it will make you feel better (OR how it will help you),and you will be eager to get to that stage.

  3. What does the pill look like?
    Ask your doctor what the med you should be taking looks like, so you can make sure the pharmacist prescribes you the right one. To be extra cautious, check the drug before you leave the pharmacy to be sure it’s the one the doctor described.
    Medisafe tip: Sometimes our pharmacists can’t understand our doctors handwriting, which can result in prescribing you the wrong med. Ask your doctor to write down on the prescription note what the drug is for, so there will be no mistakes.

  5. When is the best time to take my medication?
    Some medications are more effective if you take them before or after you eat, right when you wake up or before you go to sleep. Ask your doctor questions of this sort, and also carefully review the instructions on the prescription label.

  7. What is the best way to store the medication?
    Many people wrongfully store their meds in the bathroom cabinet. Drugs don’t react well to sun, humidity or water. So although the cabinet is dark and away from sunlight, the moisture and water from our showers and hand-washing can seep through, which will ultimately break down your drugs and make them less effective. Ask your doctor where is the best place to keep the med prescribed to you.

  9. What to do if I FORGET to take one medication?
    We, as busy people, tend to be forgetful, so it happens sometimes that we forget to take our medication. The worst decision in this case is to use this as an excuse to stop taking the med all-together. It is critically  important you ask your doctor what to do when you accidentally skip a dose, so you can get right back on your way to feeling better.

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