5 Easy Ways to Remember to Take Your Meds

Your health should be in your hands.
With our busy schedules, it is all too easy to fall behind on medications. Research shows that millions of Americans skip doses, fail to refill prescriptions, or take medicine beyond its expiration date. In fact, the Chief Medical Officer of CVS Caremark claims that “within 6 months, only half of people taking prescription medication are taking them as directed.”
Below we listed 5 short and easy tips to remember to take your meds on time.

1. Put your meds in order
Our phone is the #1 device that is attached to us almost 24/7. We use it for nearly everything we do, including our health. As of January 2012, 19% of smartphone owners have downloaded an app specifically to track or manage health. The Medisafe meds & pill reminder will help you stay on top of all your meds and get rid of nagging doubts like “Did I take this already?”
2. Involve your family and close friends
Let your close family and friends in. They love and care for you and research shows that patients who share their prescription requirements with at least one other person have improved adherence rates. Through our app you can enlist them as a “Medfriend” so they can be alerted if your busy day gets ahead of you and you forgot to take your meds.
3. Create a Care-Team with your key physicians
Tighten the connection with your Doctor and care-team. Insert your doctor’s, nurse’s or caregiver’s information into your phone and be sure to add upcoming appointments as well. With Medisafe you can even send your status reports to your doctors via email with just one click!
4. Refill time!
Taking meds on time is extremely critical when caring for your health. Insert reminders to let you know when your pills start winding down. Take our advice – don’t push off picking up or ordering your meds, put it on the top of your priority list and get to it as soon as possible.
5. Learn their effect and importance
Doctors don’t always have time to give us full context about the meds we are taking. hile the internet is flooded with way too much information, here at Medisafe we strongly believe that knowledge is power. Be sure to search only credited websites, and consult with your physician if you have specific follow-up questions or concerns.
We at Medisafe took on the challenge to make sure NOBODY leaves their health behind.
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